Daughter’s Deli Papa Sandwich (Food of the Week)

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Trisha Langer pays tribute to legendary deli man Norm Langer - Papa - at Daughter's Deli.

Trisha Langer, daughter of legendary L.A. deli man Norm Langer, clocked a lot of time at MacArthur Park’s iconic Langer’s Deli growing up, learning valuable lessons that She and her husband now apply at Daughter’s Deli on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood. They recently replaced Poquito Mas, taking over an airy planter-lined patio and serving great Jewish food.

The menu is focused, and of course has some overlap with Langer’s menu, but with far fewer options. I’d suggest steering straight to Hot Family Classics. Daughter’s Deli lists signature sandwiches with names instead of numbers. The couple dedicated sandwiches to sons Mayer and Shai, and Trisha pays tribute to her father with a riff on Langer’s iconic #19 sandwich. Papa ($16.50) stars juicy, thick-shaved pastrami, Swiss cheese, crunchy mayo-based cole slaw, creamy house-made Russian dressing, and mustard on crusty double-baked rye bread. Papa wasn’t as hefty as the #19, but also costs a bit less. The important thing is that Papa’s sandwich tasted excellent, as close as customers will find to Langer’s in L.A. Bonus: each sandwich comes with a small side of house-made cole slaw or potato salad plus a dill pickle.


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