Sandwich Los Angeles

Daughter’s Deli Papa Sandwich

Trisha Langer, daughter of legendary L.A. deli man Norm Langer, clocked a lot of time at MacArthur Park’s iconic Langer’s Deli growing up, learning valuable lessons that She and her husband now apply at...
Sandwich Los Angeles

Fleishik’s Zayde Sandwich

Don’t call Fleishik’s a deli. “It’s not a deli,” chef and co-owner Eric Greenspan says. “To me, deli means rye bread, meat, and mustard.” The Jewish sandwich shop from Greenspan, Jim Hustead, James Moon,...
Egg Cream Los Angeles

Wexler’s Deli Chocolate Egg Cream

As part of the first stage in a massive $1 billion investment to revamp Westfield Century City mall, developers incorporated new outposts of popular restaurant brands like Shake Shack, Tender Greens, and the third...
Sandwich Los Angeles

Domingo’s Italian Deli Spicy Dom

Did you know Encino houses the “Little Italy of the Valley”? Probably not, since the motto applies to a single storefront: Domingo’s Italian Deli. Phyllis Domingo and husband Frank founded Domingo’s in 1948 and...
Sandwich Los Angeles

Italia Deli Porchetta Sandwich

On my last visit to Agoura Hills Shopping Center, I instagrammed about Szechuan Place. One Commenter suggested winning the lottery in 1995! That’s serious commitment. Italia probably looks pretty similar to how it did...
Sandwich Los Angeles

Wexler’s Deli Ruskie Sandwich

It took awhile for the promise of Grand Central Market to become a reality, but downtown L.A.’s retooled culinary destination, which dates to 1917, has finally reached critical mass. One of the key cogs...