The Spice Table Pig Tail [CLOSED]

Asian Food Los Angeles

Eating The Spice Table's wood-grilled pig tail is a memorable experience.

On a cool night, sitting at the counter in The Spice Table, Bryant Ng’s grill emits an almost fireplace-like warmth. The heat from glowing coals and almond wood also adds another dimension to any food that graces the grates. During my most recent dinner at the Asian restaurant in Little Tokyo, we took spins with skewers of lamb belly and beef and a fin-side-up salmon collar, but my favorite bites were from a grilled Pig Tail ($13). The tail featured scorched, chewy skin that contained fat-insulated meat. We stripped the bone bare and wrapped strips of meat in lettuce with a litany of herbs, including laksa, spearmint, mint, and red perilla. A quick dip in Serrano-tinged fish sauce completed the savory, satisfying bites.

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