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At a lot of restaurants, blackboard specials seem like an afterthought, but at The Sycamore Kitchen, the industrial chic café from chefs Karen Hatfield and Quinn Hatfield, I’ve grown to trust the chalk. I’ve enjoyed soups and small plates in the past, but so far, my favorite special consisted of Pork and Ricotta Meatballs ($8).

A cast iron skillet hosts six crisp-crusted, deep-fried orbs crafted primarily from pork shoulder. Ricotta (house-made, of course) and fresh pain de mie breadcrumbs also contribute to their surprisingly light, juicy texture. Sprinkled rosemary is a nice finishing touch. An accompanying dish of salsa cruda combines shallots and garlic (cooked in olive oil) with raw tomato, basil and parsley, adding complementary brightness to the balls, and not just in terms of the color. Crispy crostini slices, which are fun to dip in the salsa cruda, round out the skillet. Hopefully these meatballs make it to the printed menu, but if not, keep an eye on the blackboard.

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Address: 143 S La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90036

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