Olympic Provisions Chef’s Choice

Charcuterie Portland

It was a good sign when we entered Olympic Provisions, the surprisingly airy butcher shop/café near Portland’s Willamette River, and saw a sushi case…full of sausage, bacon and ham. That kind of lighthearted playfulness translated to our plates during brunch, including the Flapjack Attack, Lazer Potatoes (“tomorrow’s potatoes, today”) and the unadulterated joy of the house-made American charcuterie.

We opted for Chef’s Choice ($14), which rewarded us with an ounce each of firm saucisson sec seasoned with black pepper and garlic, spicy chorizo Navarre with smoked paprika and cayenne, savory bacon hazelnut terrine studded with crushed filberts, and creamy slabs of pork liver mousse, dusted with salt and pepper. Colorful accompaniments helped to rein in the richness, including pickled cauliflower, onion strands and beet, plus whole grain mustard and soft baguette slices.

Dose of Vitamin P spotlights my favorite pork dish from the previous week.


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