Top 10 Pork Dishes of 2018

Pigs Los Angeles

It's once again time to get the previous year's top pork moments into formation.

Every Tuesday, the Dose of Vitamin P column celebrates my favorite pork dish from the previous week. I live in Los Angeles, one of the world’s best places to eat, and was lucky enough to travel to places like Hawaii (Kauai and Honolulu), Canada (Banff and Calgary), Colombia (Cali), Mexico City, and several trips within California, spanning from San Diego to the Napa Valley. Along the way, I took hundreds of hopeful bites. Look back at my 10 favorite pork dishes from 2018.

Click on each link or photo to learn more about each pork dish in the Top 10.

10. The Charter Oak Roasted Pork Shoulder

Pork Napa Valley

The Charter Oak chef Katianna Hong demonstrates flair with seasonal wood-fired cooking (and pork).

9. Yakitori Hachibei Butabara

Japanese Food Honolulu

Every skewer that Yakitori Hachibei’s binchotan grill touches benefits greatly.

8. El Huequito Taco Sencillo

Pastor Mexico City

El Huequito’s trompo, piled with pastor, speaks to passersby.

7. Maude Dinner with Juan Carlos Sancha

Spanish Food Los Angeles

Curtis Stone based a powerhouse pork dish on a memorable winery meal in Rioja.

6. La Barra Chuleta de Cerdo

Colombian Food Cali

La Barra has served Colombian comfort food in Cali for 20 years, including chuleta de cerdo.



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Those chili verde burritos from arco iris where the best in the world i havent found any burritos any where that even come close

Kat, Since you like the chile verde from Arco Iris, you’ll be happy to learn that Mercado (their son) still serves a chile verde plate in Pasadena. Not sure whether they’ll serve it to you in a burrito, but it’s worth asking.

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