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Migs showed out for Heirloom LA family meal, making cochinita pibil tacos.

My first visit to the production kitchen of the Heirloom LA catering company certainly involved good timing. The kitchen crew was ready for family meal, and lucky me, Migs decided to spearhead cochinita pibil efforts. He marinated premium on-the-bone pig meat with sweet and sour orange juice, achiote and epazote and cooked the results in banana leaves. He stripped the slow-cooked Yucatan-inspired meat from the bones and cut it into vibrantly flavored (and colored) cubes, which was different from the standard shredded presentation.

We dressed our still hot tortillas with plenty of pork, tangy pickled onion strands, creamy queso fresco and an incendiary habanero salsa that was best applied judiciously. On the side of our plates, we each spooned chunky guacamole made from fresh-shucked avocado, lime juice, salt, pepper, cilantro, minced shallots and sweet corn kernels. Somehow, four tacos managed to find their way onto my plate, but not for long. To drink, we ladled glasses of jamaica, an agua fresca that was intense with tart hibiscus.

My visit wasn’t just devastatingly delicious, it also resulted in a shoutout on the Heirloom LA website. Thanks Tara, Matthew, Talmadge, Tad, Migs and crew for the experience.

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