Creme Cremia (Food of the Week)

Soft Serve Ice Cream Los Angeles

Koreatown clearly has a sweet tooth, and bingsu has ceded the spotlight to soft serve ice cream in the past two years. Of course, not all soft serve is created equal, and CREME is one of the best versions I’ve found. Steven Jung’s Harvard Plaza cafe touts pink and blue walls, framed cartoon figurines, projected K-Pop videos, and a full Intelligentsia coffee program.

Cremia costs $6.50 per serving and piles up in each cone in creamy waves that converge and curl at the tip. I enjoyed their pure milk soft serve in a wafer-like Korean cookie cone.

Creme also sells matcha, strawberry, and chocolate cremia, but start with milk to get the dairy product’s pure, unadulterated effect. In each case, eat Creme’s soft serve quickly, since no bogus ingredients are present to keep the ice cream from melting.

Address: 3726 West 6th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90020

Joshua Lurie

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