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Ice Cream

Ice Cream Paso Robles

Negranti Creamery Salted Brown Sugar Ice Cream

Tin City, a new complex south of town with wineries, brewery, and cider house, is the most exciting new development in Paso Robles. You’ll also find Negranti Creamery, a modern ice cream shop named...
Soft Serve Ice Cream Los Angeles

Creme Cremia [CLOSED]

Koreatown clearly has a sweet tooth, and bingsu has ceded the spotlight to soft serve ice cream in the past two years. Of course, not all soft serve is created equal, and CREME is...
Coffee Los Angeles

Blue Bottle Coffee Affogato

Is the affogato a food or drink? Does it even matter? By now, you probably know that an affogato features ice cream “drowned” in fresh-pulled espresso. The dessert is now available in Mid-City at...
Ice Cream Treat Los Angeles

Los Angeles Ice Cream Treats Worth Seeking

Since its inception thousands of years ago, there has always been a time when ice cream was universally adored, but in recent years the sweet treat has experienced something of a renaissance. No longer...
Ice Cream Sandwich Los Angeles

Churro Borough Churro Ice Cream Sandwich [CLOSED]

Los Feliz has become an ice cream hotspot, but Churro Borough stands out for its creativity. I first enjoyed the churro ice cream sandwiches from Chef Sylvia Yoo and brother Paul Yoo at LA...
Ice Cream Berkeley

Sketch Ice Cream Soft Serve [CLOSED]

Sketch Ice Cream rose like a frozen phoenix in 2012 after Eric Shelton and Ruthie Planas-Shelton took a three-year hiatus to raise their daughter. Up until 2009, the couple specialized in full-force ice cream...