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Chicharrones make a great bar bite, snack, garnish, or filling in a taco or quesadilla. However, I’ve never experienced a version like at Broken Spanish. Chef Ray Garcia and business partner Jacob Shure have taken fried pig skin to the next level at the modern Mexican restaurant they co-own with Sprout Restaurant Group in L.A.’s South Park.

Shure described this dish as “Mexican porchetta,” and it’s apt. Instead of rolling and roasting pork with spices like sage, fennel, and rosemary, Chef Garcia seasons belly with salt, garlic, and chile de arbol. The meat’s rolled, tied and cooked sous vide for 36 hours. Talk about low and slow. Later, the pork’s sliced into nearly two-inch slabs, fried and topped with a mojo made with cooking liquid, elephant garlic, lime and herbs that pools on the plate below the pork. The pork features crispy skin, streaks of beautiful fat and ultra-savory, dark pink meat. Up top, you’ll find sliced garlic, radish sprouts and herbs. This chicharron ate more like a steak, and could have easily been my meal, though I prefer to share food this good.

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Address: 1050 S. Flower Street, Los Angeles, CA 90015

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