Botanica Banana Buckwheat Poppyseed Bread

Banana Bread Los Angeles

Banana bread gets several upgrades at Botanica in Silver Lake.

Botanica kind of looks like a lifestyle magazine come to life, and that’s pretty much the point from longtime food editors and first-time restaurateurs Emily Fiffer and Heather Sperling. Their picturesque Silver Lake establishment resides just down Silver Lake Boulevard from the reservoir. The airy space features a market and bakery up front, a cafe with exposed rafters and raked pink walls, a plant-lined back patio, and a seasonal, Cal modern menu.

They sell plain banana buckwheat poppyseed bread in the front pastry case, but to truly get the full effect, order Ghee-toasted Banana Buckwheat Poppyseed Bread ($12). Each butter-kissed, slightly nutty slab is seasoned with cinnamon and vanilla, toasted, cut in half, and plated on bright citrus-ginger-cardamom yogurt showered with lemon zest, and topped with rotating roasted spring fruit and delicate edible purple flowers.


Joshua Lurie

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