Tumaca Truck Lomo Con Queso

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Tumaca Truck showcases vivid Catalan sandwiches on locally baked Bub and Grandma's bread.

L.A.’s food truck culture isn’t being reported as much as during the initial social media boom time, starting with Kogi BBQ, but the quality of mobile food has never been better. One of my favorite new roving kitchens belongs to Spain native Sybil Roquin and France-born husband Victor, who park Tumaca Truck in front of establishments like Blue Bottle Coffee Venice and Silverlake Wine on a rotating basis. The couple named Tumaca Truck for pa amb tumaca, aka pan con tomate, though they take Catalan sandwiches much further than basic toasted bread rubbed with olive oil and tomato.

I fell hard for their Lomo Con Queso ($12) featuring juicy slices of free-range pork loin, melted Manchego cheese, smoked bacon, roasted green peppers, piquillo peppers, and romesco sauce. I’m not normally a fan of ciabatta, but the crusty, surprisingly light Bub and Grandma’s bread wasn’t spongy in the least and held up well to the balanced fillings.

My visit made me want to rendezvous with more of Tumaca Truck’s sandwiches starring Spanish and SoCal ingredients.

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