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Greek Food Los Angeles

Kalamaki Pork Gyros in Pita Bread (Dose of Vitamin P)

I was going to drive to the San Fernando Valley for lunch after writing all morning at Coffee + Milk. Instead, the Kalamaki Greek street food truck caught my eye. Every weekday, a different...
Vietnamese Food Los Angeles

Cafe Vietnam Truck Pork Belly Rice Bowl (Dose of Vitamin P)

Food trucks are far too often moving targets. I’ve show up at different locations during appointed times posted on social media, only to get ghosted. Thankfully, Cafe Vietnam Truck has proven to be reliable...
Sandwich Los Angeles

Tumaca Truck Lomo Con Queso (Dose of Vitamin P)

L.A.’s food truck culture isn’t being reported as much as during the initial social media boom time, starting with Kogi BBQ, but the quality of mobile food has never been better. One of my...
Juice Los Angeles

Pico House Ugly Fruit Drank (Drink of the Week)

It’s been awhile since I’ve been excited about a food. It took the united efforts of Gemma Matsuyama, Chris Chi (ex Bestia), Mavis J. Sanders (ex Blue Hill at Stone Barns), Qudoe Lee and...
Food Truck San Diego

El Gallito Tortas Ahogadas: Guadalajara Gems in Chula Vista

Tortas ahogadas, the drowned carnitas sandwiches from the Mexican state of Jalisco, may have reached their Stateside apex in a Chula Vista parking lot, about 10 miles from the Mexican border. Guadalajara native Ray...
Sandwich Los Angeles

Porchetta Truck Porchetta Sandwich (Dose of Vitamin P)

People deal with impatience with varying degrees of success. The most proactive chefs don’t just wait for things to happen. For instance, Michael Voltaggio surprised the public with a sandwich concept called ink. Sack...