Top Selling Flavors at Los Angeles Ice Cream and Gelato Shops

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I asked people from 12 prominent L.A. ice cream and gelato shops, “What is your top selling flavor, and why do you think that’s the case?” Their responses speak to their varied clientele and approaches.

Bulgarini Gelato (Leo Bulgarini)

The top selling flavour is Pistacchio. It’s the best because it comes in from Sicily. The flavour is much more intense than any other nut. Also Sicily is the most fertile land in the world because of the volcanic soil.

Carmela Ice Cream (Jessica Mortarotti)

Our best-seller is Salted Caramel. It has a perfect balance of sweet and savory that keeps you coming back for more. It is a great stand alone flavor and also paired with other flavors and desserts.

Coolhaus (Natasha Case)

Brown Butter Candied Bacon because it is adventurous, but also delicious!

Grom (Omar Molinari)

Our top seller flavor is Crema di Grom which very unique e fantastic flavor: organic eggs base, corn biscuits that contain five different kind of corn flour and 3mm chocolate chips from Colombia.
It’s also our signature flavor, nobody else has it. That’s why our customers and even the peoples that get in for the first time in our gelato store they try Crema di Grom, they fell in love immediately.

Another equal top seller is the Dark chocolate which is the best and truth sensation that you can have about chocolate. Made with best varieties in the world, the Criollo variety in the Ocumare plantation in Venezuela.

Mashti Malone’s (Mehdi Shirvani)

All of our exotic flavors such as saffron rosewater, creamy rosewater, orange blossom, lavender, Turkish coffee. Other than being all natural and healthy ingredients, these are the unique flavors that you can only find here.

MILK (Lucy Danovic)

Our top selling flavor at the MOMENT is our Thai tea ice cream – can’t keep it in stock! No clue why it’s such a hot seller at the moment! It is a very rich Thai tea ice cream that tastes like you are drinking Thai tea at your favorite Thai place – could be why it’s so popular.

Mother Moo Creamery (Karen Klemens)

Our top selling flavor is Salty Chocolate. We make it using three different types of chocolate to produce a decadent, creamy chocolate ice cream. As you know, we use Straus Organic Dairy to make all our ice cream — we simply believe it’s the best.

Pazzo Gelato (Michael Buch)

Our top selling flavors right now are a toss up between sea salt caramel (or another variation which is infused with lavender and white chocolate pieces) and red velvet.

Why? For one the idea of sea salt in anything intrigues people. Once they taste it, though, it all comes together. Rich and creamy up front and then the salt helps to intensify the depth of the caramel as it lingers in your mouth…and demands another spoonful! (lavender and white chocolate is just another level or two of flavors which are great…assuming you like lavender).

Red velvet: This is a funny one because I personally dislike red velvet cakes…however, I must say this one is nice. The gelato is a cream cheese base but basically tastes like frozen frosting…then we swirl in pieces of red velvet cake and a ribbon of rich chocolate. So our version of red velvet is really a deconstructed red velvet cake where the frosting is what holds the cake up…vs. the cake holding the frosting.

Saffron Spot (Smita Vasant)

Our top selling flavor still remains “Saffron Silk.” This is our signature flavor and is a unique blend of Saffron, Rose and pistachios. This is the first flavor I created and it remains popular to this day!

Scoops/Scoops Westside (Matthew Kang)

Brown Bread, signature flavor. That is the only one we offer every day. It’s got everything you want in ice cream – sweet, crunchy, creamy. It’s our “vanilla.”

Sprinkles Ice Cream (Nicole Schwartz)

Our red velvet ice cream (sweet cream layered with bites of Sprinkles Cupcakes’ iconic red velvet cake and cream cheese frosting) is our top seller!

Sweet Rose Creamery (Arthur Sherman)

Salted caramel and Fresh mint chip are by far our most popular flavors. I honestly think it’s as simple as that those are truly classic American flavors that we all grew up eating and they end up being timeless.


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Very interesting! I am obsessed with Sweet Rose Creamery’s Salted Caramel — but I can’t say I grew up eating anything like it!


We’re living in a great caramel ice cream era in L.A. Carmela also has a very good salted caramel ice cream, and have you tried brown brown bread ice cream at Scoops Westside, with dulce de leche?

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