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Coffee Los Angeles

Blue Bottle Coffee Affogato (Drink of the Week)

Is the affogato a food or drink? Does it even matter? By now, you probably know that an affogato features ice cream “drowned” in fresh-pulled espresso. The dessert is now available in Mid-City at...
Ice Cream Treat Los Angeles

Top Los Angeles Ice Cream Treats

Since its inception thousands of years ago, there has always been a time when ice cream was universally adored, but in recent years the sweet treat has experienced something of a renaissance. No longer...
Popsicle Los Angeles

Top Los Angeles Popsicles

Summer calls for cool refreshment, and one of the best frigid options is the no-longer-humble popsicle. Ice or milk-based bars are flavored with nearly unlimited options. If you prefer your popsicles with alcohol, Corazon...

Top Los Angeles Milkshakes

Summer screams for cold, refreshing beverages, and the King (or Queen) of that category could very well be the milkshake. The blended drink, which often features ice cream, milk, or both, is cooling comfort...
Ice Cream Sandwich Los Angeles

Top Los Angeles Ice Cream Sandwiches

Los Angeles, a city with seemingly endless summer, frequently calls for a cool treat. One of my favorite forms of refreshment is the ice cream sandwich. However, just because a place makes great ice...
Chef Los Angeles

Market Tour with Sweet Rose Creamery chef Shiho Yoshikawa

Nagoya native Shiho Yoshikawa baked at Tartine Bakery and The Slanted Door in San Francisco before opening Sweet Rose Creamery with Josh Loeb and Zoe Nathan at the Brentwood Country Mart in L.A. We...