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Quinoa Los Angeles


9. Short Order [CLOSED]

Burgers are always fabulous. Short Order thinks so too. With open hours from 11AM on weekdays and 10AM on weekends that run through 10PM Sunday to Wednesday; and midnight from Thursday to Saturday. Yep! S.O. has a late-night menu too with a burger, wings, grilled cheese, “munchies” and alcohol. Burgers and kickass shakes are available around the clock. Head over to Short Order if you’re fatigued from shopping at The Grove and are in need of a little meaty pick-me-up basically any time of the day. Happy hour is Monday to Friday, 3PM-7PM.

Chicken Wings Los Angeles

10. Simmzy’s: Simmzy’s has the feel of a neighborhood hotspot and with friendly servers and fabulous food; it’s no wonder it’s now in two neighborhoods – Long Beach and Manhattan Beach. Open from 11AM-10:30PM (opens earlier on weekends and closes later on Fridays and Saturdays), Simmzy’s hours and communal tables match the laid-back, beachy, family feel. For a winning dish, try the Brussels sprouts.

Beer Los Angeles

11. Stout: Stout has brews and burgers from 11:30AM-4AM (hello late-night grubbing). There are two locations right now with two more on the way (here’s looking at you Pasadena and Santa Monica). It’s got a lengthy beer list and a cool vibe where you can relax between lunch and dinner.

Sushi Los Angeles

Photo courtesy of Sugarfish by Sushi Nozawa

12. Sugarfish by Sushi Nozawa: During meal primetimes, any of the Sugar Fish restaurants can be quite packed. With the hours of 12PM-9PM (hours may vary a touch based on day) you can order any of the Trust-Me menus around the same time you could catch “The Days of Our Lives,” and thankfully, this über-fresh sushi is great any hour of the day.

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