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Quinoa Los Angeles

Top Los Angeles Dining Options Between Lunch and Dinner

Have you ever been stuck hungry in the midst of that no-man’s land time between lunch and dinner with no good restaurant options? Or perhaps you’ve just had a mental block as to what...
Oyster Bar Los Angeles

Santa Monica Seafood: Expanding Oceanic Offerings

For a coastal city, Los Angeles has a disappointing selection of seafood restaurants. Sure, we have extravagant seafood temples like Providence and Water Grill, but at the street level, there hasn’t been much to...
Seafood Los Angeles

Santa Monica Seafood Debuts

Michael Cigliano, his sister and four brothers plan to open a larger Santa Monica Seafood on February 16. Uncles Gerald Cigliano and Jack Deluca started Santa Monica Seafood on Santa Monica Pier in 1939....