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Beer Festival Oregon

Alternate Festivals, Lo-Cal IPAs + Getting Hop-adelic

The 2020 iteration of the L.A. IPA Festival landed on Leap Day this year. People judged 60 IPAs. This month Yorkshire Square Brewery hosts their annual N’Owt but Stout Festival where the darker style...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

Second AND Third Locations, Lievre Variations + Rare Beer Hollywood

As our brewing scene grows, that means smaller breweries will be become bigger breweries and bigger breweries need more space. One L.A. county and one Orange county brewery have begun the process of launching...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

Pacific Plate Brewing Horchata Stout (Drink of the Week)

Hidden corners of L.A. County are now seeing craft beer’s impact. For example, in a Monrovia industrial park, Pacific Plate Brewing is an upstart brewery from owners Stephen Kooshian (brewmaster), Steven Cardenas (brewer) and...
Craft Beer Hollywood

10 Top Craft Beer Destinations in Hollywood

Movies and TV are generally not filmed “in” Hollywood  And unfortunately, nothing is “brewed” in this famous neighborhood either.  And like movies and TV, you have to wade through quite a few mass-marketed, four-quadrant,...
Quinoa Los Angeles

Top Los Angeles Dining Options Between Lunch and Dinner

Have you ever been stuck hungry in the midst of that no-man’s land time between lunch and dinner with no good restaurant options? Or perhaps you’ve just had a mental block as to what...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

Stoutly Expanding in Los Angeles

At first there was one and soon there will be four. The Stout Burgers & Beer brand from Alex Kagianaris, Charles Lew, and Marc Kreiner has expanded to Studio City, with Santa Monica and...