Top Los Angeles Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings Los Angeles

Just about any sports bar in the city has serviceable chicken wings on the menu, but why settle for serviceable when Los Angeles has so many inspired, globally diverse versions to choose from? Here are 12 of my favorite chicken wings in Los Angeles.

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Numbered establishments on the map correspond to information below for easy reference. Establishments also appear in alphabetical order instead of in order of preference.

1. The Black Cat Fried Chicken Wings: Formerly in Barcito and Sunset Coin-Op Laundry, from The Village Idiot crew of Lindsay Kennedy, Charles Conrad, and Dean Malouf expanded to Silver Lake, taking over Barcito and installing green banquettes and booths, and a rounded wood bar, plus mismatched paintings and photos. As part of their dineLA Restaurant Week lunch menu, they featured Fried Chicken Wings ($9), juicy, lightly dredged white meat dressed with a savory, fire red blend of soy sauce, sake, ginger, fried chile oil, and lemon juice.

Chicken Wings Los Angeles

2. Grill ‘Em All Hawk Wings: Heavy metal food truckers Ryan Harkins and Matthew Chernus planted a permanent flag in a downtown Alhambra movie theater plaza. A particle board proclaims “Death to False Burgers,” a gang of menacing cartoon characters greet diners by the door, and crazy themed burger options consist of the Dee Snider and Metallica tribute Jump in the Fryer. On Sundays, Grill ‘Em All deep fries chicken wings in duck fat and toss the rich, juicy Hawk Wings ($8.50) in spicy honey chipotle sauce. Dip the batch in thick blue cheese dipping sauce.

Chicken Wings Los Angeles

3. Izakaya Bincho Spicy Chicken Wings CLOSED

Tomo Ueno is the one-man band of the L.A. food world. The chef has been known to field phone calls and fry chicken wings while monitoring skewers on the namesake bincho grill, and while the yakitori is very good, it’s those chicken wings that keep making my mind drift back to Redondo Beach. The Spicy Chicken Wings ($7.50) sport crisp, whisper-thin coats graced with a savory teriyaki and gochujang sauce.



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