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Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings Los Angeles

Komodo Hot Chicken (Food of the Week) [CLOSED]

I went to college at Vanderbilt, and one of Nashville’s dishes I miss most is definitely hot chicken, an incendiary bird cooked in a cast iron skillet, coated in eye-popping quantities of cayenne, and...
Chicken Wings Los Angeles

Brew(wing) a Craft Beer Pairing

Slowly but surely, craft beer is taking over.  We now use cans more frequently.  We make great pilsners (see the Beer of the Week).  Now chicken wings, once the domain of happy hours and...
Cambodian Food Oakland

Phnom Penh House Stuffed Chicken Wings (Food of the Week)

Some dishes still have the ability to surprise. Case in point: chicken wings, a working class wonder that’s found a spot on seemingly every trendy menu in the Bay Area and beyond. However, Phnom...
Chicken Wings Los Angeles

Top Los Angeles Chicken Wings

Just about any sports bar in the city has serviceable chicken wings on the menu, but why settle for serviceable when Los Angeles has so many inspired, globally diverse versions to choose from? Here...
Chicken Wings Los Angeles

Alondra Hot Wings Coming to Alhambra

The Kazarian Brothers are building a fourth branch of Alondra Hot Wings in Alhambra, across Main Street from the soon-to-be-replaced home of Triumphal Palace. MySpace has plenty of info about the brothers’ burgeoning chain....
Restaurant Sign San Francisco

San Tung: Winging it in San Francisco’s Sunset District

The Sunset district, just south of Golden Gate Park, is teeming with Asian restaurants. Few are as popular as San Tung, named for a province in northern China. Today, there was a line out...