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Meatballs Los Angeles

Top Los Angeles Meatballs

Meatballs are not limited to Italian restaurants anymore, and forget the classic trinity of beef, pork and veal. Anything that walks, flies or swims is now fair game for making a meatball. Here are...
Chicken Wings Los Angeles

Top Los Angeles Chicken Wings

Just about any sports bar in the city has serviceable chicken wings on the menu, but why settle for serviceable when Los Angeles has so many inspired, globally diverse versions to choose from? Here...
Chef Los Angeles

Izakaya Bincho: Bringing the Heat to International Boardwalk [CLOSED]

Tomo Ueno is the one-man band of the L.A. food world. The chef has been known to field phone calls and fry chicken wings while monitoring skewers on the namesake bincho grill, which burns...
Fried Chicken Los Angeles

Top Fried Chicken in Los Angeles

In honor of National Fried Chicken Day, these unique takes on fried yardbird display L.A.’s geographic and ethnic diversity. The only thing the preparations have in common is that they’re on the bone, utilize...