2015 Top 10 Los Angeles Pork Dishes

Top 10 List

Any entry on this list would be well worth repeating.


Every Tuesday, the Food GPS Dose of Vitamin P column celebrates my favorite pork dish from the previous week. It was the best year for pork since I moved to town in 1999, making it especially tough to choose my 2015 Top 10 Los Angeles pork dishes. Still, I managed to choose my 2015 Top 10 Los Angeles pork dishes, which appear in order of preference.

5. RiceBar Pork Longganisa Sausage [CLOSED]

Pork Los Angeles

4. Redbird Red Wattle Pork

Pork Los Angeles

3. Hatchet Hall Pork Chop

Pork Los Angeles

2. Republique Breakfast Sandwich

Pork Los Angeles

1. Broken Spanish Chicharron [CLOSED]

Pork Los Angeles


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