Top 10 Foods of 2014

Shrimp Spain

Every Monday, Food of the Week celebrates my favorite dish from the previous seven days. I live in Los Angeles and was lucky enough to travel to incredible eating cities like Madrid, San Sebastian and Barcelona (for my honeymoon) plus stateside stops like Charleston, Las Vegas, Portland and San Francisco. Looking back, here are my 10 favorite dishes from 2014.

Numbered establishments on the map correspond to information below for easy reference.

Click on each link or photo to learn more about each dish in the Top 10.

10. Maccheroni Republic Cuffie al Nero di Sepia

9. Wolfgang Puck at Hotel Bel-Air Diver Scallops

Scallops Los Angeles

8. Plan Check NOLA Burger

Hamburger Los Angeles

7. Jonathon Sawyer Beef Jerky Bucatini

Pasta Pebble Beach

6. Chengdu Taste Shrimp and Potato

Chinese Food Los Angeles



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Thanks for sharing!nice job!

zomg that tomato agadashi is one of the best bites in Los Angeles.

totally agreed! (tomato agedashi)

That pasta by Jonathan Sawyer was really fantastic.

Mattatouille, Very cool that we both got to experience Jonathon Sawyer’s pasta, and the tomato agadashi. Hopefully 2015 will be just as flavorful for both of us.

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