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Monkey Bread Los Angeles

Short Cake Bacon Mustard Monkey Bread [CLOSED]

It’s only been a few months, but downtown denizens already understand that the shared Fashion District space from Verve Coffee Roasters and Juice Served Here delivers a waterfall of delicious beverages. This fun fact...
Bacon Portland

Screen Door Praline Bacon (Dose of Vitamin P)

Pralines are the powerfully sweet confections crafted from pecans, sugar, butter and cream. They’re practically candy gospel in New Orleans, and almost always too sweet for my taste. However, Screen Door, a Southern restaurant...
Charcuterie Los Angeles

Superba Snack Bar Cold Cuts[CLOSED]

Jason Neroni continues to dial in the food at Venice’s stylish Superba Snack Bar, and that includes some powerhouse Cold Cuts to start culinary proceedings. Originally, he served a series of Mason jars, and...
Burger San Francisco

Rickybobby Beef & Bacon Burger [CLOSED]

The name Rickybobby might be a shoutout to the main man in “Talladega Nights,” but don’t expect Will Ferrell to show up in character. NASCAR Cafe, this is not. However, the new San Francisco...
Bacon Los Angeles

Maximiliano Applewood Smoked Bacon [CLOSED]

Bacon is overexposed. There’s no doubt. So as good as the salty slabs of pork belly can taste, it’s an obvious choice, and rarely worth spotlighting. We get it, bacon’s great. However, not all...
Scone Los Angeles

Proof Bakery Bacon Cheddar Corn Scone

For the second straight week, it was pork-related pastry that made the biggest impression. Na Young Ma and her team of bakers consistently fill Proof Bakery’s displays cases and countertops with minimalist cakes, cookies,...