Rickybobby Beef & Bacon Burger (Food of the Week) [CLOSED]

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Burger San Francisco

The name Rickybobby might be a shoutout to the main man in “Talladega Nights,” but don’t expect Will Ferrell to show up in character. NASCAR Cafe, this is not. However, the new San Francisco restaurant from former Broken Record chefs James Moisey and Shane LaValley does have a promising pig logo with an American flag blindfold, a dining hall setting, and a blackboard menu dedicated to all-American comfort food. Their epic Beef & Bacon Burger ($10) would have knocked me on my ass, if I wasn’t sitting down already. Twin patties crafted from ground chuck and pork belly, griddled and stacked, meld seamlessly with molten American cheese, house-made mayo and ketchup on a griddled brioche bun. Pickled onions and a dill pickle spear could help add balance, but that would mean putting the burger down.

Address: 400 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA 94117

Joshua Lurie

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