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Development in downtown L.A.’s Arts District continues at a frenetic pace, but it’s still possible to find fun, undiscovered pockets. One example is Shreebs, a coffee bar that debuted last September in a colorful shipping container yard with Astroturf and wood furniture.

Casey Goch and her fiance started hosting weekend coffee parties at their Venice home. She and friend Ren Fuller-Wasserman subsequently partnered on container. Shreeb is a made up term of affection. Goch said, “It’s one of things you made up as a kid and never thought would see the light of day.” Now, more people are shreebing daily on an Arts District side street.

For now, they’re roasting a single-origin coffee from a farm called Miravalles in Mexico, which helps to fuel signature beverages like Choco Chile and Horchata that incorporate syrups from Chef Daniel Benhaim. I opted for Salted Dulce ($5 small) with coffee, black pepper, cardamom, cane sugar, and sea salt, which are all shaken with ice and 2% milk, resulting in a frothy, aromatic beverage.

Address: 527 Colyton Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013

Shreebs Salted Dulce Coffee (Drink of the Week)

527 Colyton St, Los Angeles, CA 90013, USA

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