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Jason Neroni puts his name on The Rose's signature breakfast plate, which stars juniper bacon.

Jason Neroni clearly relishes eating a hearty breakfast. His Neroni-Style ($17) plate at The Rose, an always bustling Venice restaurant he runs with Sprout LA, certainly warrants signature status and does justice to his family name.

Each plate features fried skin-on market potatoes, two sunny-side-up eggs with vivid yolks that he showers with chives, and crusty house-baked country bread slathered with premium butter and served with a ramekin of seasonal jam, in this case raspberry. Still, it’s his thick-cut juniper bacon that really makes the plate. They braise juniper-cured pork belly, cool it, slice it, bake it, and crisp it in the salamander, resulting in meaty, beautifully seared slabs that honor the Neroni name.

Dose of Vitamin P spotlights my favorite pork dish from the previous week.


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