Plan Check Beast Loaf Sandwich (Food of the Week)

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When I think of the word “beast,” Cerberus might come to mind, or maybe a Minotaur. When Ernesto Uchimura envisions a beast, he apparently hears a bleating goat. At Plan Check, the growing comfort food chain where Echimura is a partner, he recently rolled out a Beast Loaf Sandwich ($12) as a special at the Fairfax and Downtown branches.

During the Winter 2015 dineLA Restaurant Week, Chef Uchimura served slabs of goat meatloaf with rutabaga mash and goat creamed goat creamed greens. After the 14-day culinary celebration ended on February 1, his goat meatloaf found a second life between Plan Check’s airy panko-lined buns. He binds slightly gamy goat leg and shoulder meat with breadcrumbs, fresh goat’s cheese, Parmesan cheese, and whole egg. The savory loaf gets brushed with spicy harissa ketchup and baked. Slices of “beast loaf” are sandwiched with crispy kale and melty Swiss cheese for balance’s sake and served in a cast iron skillet. Hopefully “beast loaf” is available more often at Plan Check, since it’s a winner.

Address: 351 North Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Plan Check Beast Loaf Sandwich (Food of the Week)


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