Paley 60/40 [CLOSED]

Soda Los Angeles

Frank Eppperson is credited with creating the popsicle, and more than a century ago, this culinary visionary also invented the creamsicle by shrouding vanilla ice cream with frozen fruit juice…on a stick.

Paley honors CBS founder William Paley in Columbia Square. In the same way the restaurant honors a Hollywood legend, their bar menu honors the creamsicle. Their liquid version exists under the “Without Proof” menu header as 60/40. The refreshing, judiciously sweet non-alcoholic beverage ($7) combines orange juice, lemon juice, vanilla bean, and club soda and comes garnished with an orange peel. It’s hard to imagine that Eppperson would quibble with the flavor, though I can picture him substituting a popsicle stick – his calling card – for the straw.


Joshua Lurie

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