Okrumong Black Snow Bowl w/Red Bean [CLOSED]

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Lunch or dinner is never enough in Koreatown, an action packed neighborhood with the highest concentration of good food in L.A. It doesn’t take much convincing to tack on an extra snack, a second meal, or dessert. One of K-Town’s best new sweet spots is Okrumong, a modern shaved snow specialist with wavy walls in the Serrano Market Place strip mall.

They serve a Gold Snow Bowl with snow bean powder shaved ice, a Green Snow Bowl with green tea shaved ice, and the OG Snow Bowl with snow milk shaved ice. My first bingsu foray at Okrumong involved Black Snow Bowl with Red Bean ($8.25). On Instagram, my friend Rick joked that the bowl looked like “snowplow snow,” because of the way the ground black sesame littered the white “snow.” The frigid dome also touted a judicious amount of sweetened condensed milk, served in handsome golden bowl from Geochang, Gyeongnam, along with with matching golden spoons. On the side, I received cauldron-cooked red beans and a supple pair of sticky rice cake balls, but really, earthy, sweet red bean starred.

The Okrumong literature also extols the health benefits of the aforementioned red beans, a “unique and delicate snack that is warm and intimate regardless of season.” The laundry list includes B1, which acts to “provide energy and are effective for weight loss,” anthocyanin, an antioxidant that “prevents aging and leads to healthier eyes.” These magical beans, which would clearly be worth climbing a beanstalk to obtain, apparently also strengthen immunity, prevent sickness and hair loss. “Alleviates Constipation” and “Diuretic” are probably words better left unsaid on menus, but red beans check those boxes as well. Really though, what you need to know is that Okrumong’s hot red beans taste very good over cold shaved ice.


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