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Nouilles of 3rds is a Lomita restaurant with a mystifying name and some standout Cambodian-Chinese comfort food that chef Vyla Chan, her husband Frank, and Tim Thu opened in 2015. The airy restaurant resides front and center in a double-decker strip mall called Eagle Plaza and houses only seven wood tables. Their website reads, “Noodle soup is what we do best,” so of course I ordered their signature bowl.

N.O.3 House Noodles Soup ($13) stars slightly cloudy broth cooked for seven hours with beef bones, galangal, cinnamon sticks, fish sauce, and secrets until savory and crave-worthy. Each bowl’s loaded with a choice of rice or egg noodles, thin-sliced Prime beef, sticky tendon, firm beef balls, bean sprouts, and if they’re available, a rich marrow-filled bone. Each order’s topped with crispy roasted garlic, fragrant Thai basil, scallions, and sawtooth coriander. Dress your soup with earthy hoisin, spicy chile sauce, and a brightening squeeze of lime juice from an accompanying condiment dish.

Nouilles [pronounced noy] Of 3rds describes the “rule of thirds”, a subconscious explanation for where a compelling photo draws the eye in a well-framed photo composition. It was easy to see great beauty in their signature bowl.

Address: 2413 Pacific Coast Highway, Lomita, CA 90717

Nouilles Of 3rds House Noodle Soup (Food of the Week)


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After reading double-decker strip mall we didn’t exactly think of incredible noodles. Clearly, this place knows incredible noodles. Great photography.

Some of L.A.’s best food is in double-decker strip malls. Don’t let the facade dissuade you.

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