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Asian Food Los Angeles

Nouilles Of 3rds House Noodle Soup [CLOSED]

Nouilles of 3rds is a Lomita restaurant with a mystifying name and some standout Cambodian-Chinese comfort food. Chef Vyla Chan, her husband Frank, and Tim Thu opened this airy restaurant in 2015. Nouilles of...
Cambodian Food Oakland

Phnom Penh House Stuffed Chicken Wings

Some dishes still have the ability to surprise. Case in point: chicken wings, a working class wonder that’s found a spot on seemingly every trendy menu in the Bay Area and beyond. However, Phnom...
Restaurant Long Beach

Little La Lune: Cambodian Cuisine with Flair in Long Beach

Long Beach houses the Cambodian-American stronghold of Little Phnom Penh, and even though Little La Lune doesn’t fall right in the middle, the charming cafe from Phnom Penh native Han Pok and Chhaylee Saing,...
Cambodian Food Long Beach

Little La Lune Pork Porridge

Little La Lune is a surprisingly dapper Cambodian-Thai restaurant with red walls and bamboo lanterns that resides just outside of Long Beach’s Cambodian-American stronghold of Little Phnom Penh, but still features several compelling examples...
Restaurant Long Beach

Sophy’s Thai & Cambodian Cuisine: Battambang in Long Beach

We had to break up the acidity somehow. Our night started at Beachwood BBQ in Seal Beach, which was featuring Portland’s Cascade Brewing on the Friday night of their epic Sour Fest, then we...
Restaurant Vancouver

Phnom Penh: Cambodian Culinary Destination in Vancouver

In North America, Cambodian food hasn’t achieved the popularity of other Asian cuisines. After eating at Phnom Penh, it’s hard to understand why that’s the case. Open for 21 years, the simple Cambodian and...