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Craft Beer Los Angeles

Project Barley, Velvet Glow + North, Central and South

In reporting on the Los Angeles beer scene, I have seen that when the first brewery opens in a town/neighborhood, it’s likely that more breweries are waiting in the wings. When Burnin Daylight Brewery...
Asian Food Los Angeles

Nouilles Of 3rds House Noodle Soup (Food of the Week)

Nouilles of 3rds is a Lomita restaurant with a mystifying name and some standout Cambodian-Chinese comfort food that chef Vyla Chan, her husband Frank, and Tim Thu opened in 2015. The airy restaurant resides...
Japanese Food Los Angeles

Gaja Okonomiyaki: Griddling in Lomita [CLOSED]

I eat at five to eight new restaurants weekly in Los Angeles County, no cuisines barred. And I’ve been at it since January 1999. That’s a lot of restaurants. But considering a good percentage...