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Noodle Harmony's rice noodle soup is fire red, but not spicy.

Travis He runs the front of house at Noodle Harmony, an ambitious new Chinese restaurant that draws from his family’s two regions. In Mandarin, the name is “double harmony.” His father Oscar is the chef from Hunan, and his uncle hails from Sichuan. I learned about Noodle Harmony from trusted Chinese food expert Dylan Ho and local food writer Kristie Hang, who both hyped the restaurant on social media and motivated my visit to 99 Ranch plaza in Monterey Park.

An elaborate mural depicts a Chinese town with noodle makers, a vision that comes to life atop Noodle Harmony’s 10 tables. I devoured a bowl of Pork Intestine Rice Noodle Soup ($8.99) with tender, funk-free offal that bobbed in a flavorful, judiciously spicy broth with scallions, and cilantro. Thick rice noodles were overcooked, but still worked with the soup.

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