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Monterey Park

Chinese Food Los Angeles

Noodle Harmony Pork Intestine Rice Noodle Soup (Dose of Vitamin P)

Travis He runs the front of house at Noodle Harmony, an ambitious new Chinese restaurant that draws from his family’s two regions. In Mandarin, the name is “double harmony.” His father Oscar is the...
Tea Los Angeles

Bubble Crush Roasted Oolong Tea with Cheese Foam (Drink of the Week)

Have you heard the joke about the polar bear and the giant squid? Neither have I, but Bubble Crush depicts both fearsome creatures within painted cutouts on a white brick wall. There has to...
Lobster Los Angeles

Elite Lobster with Rice Cakes (Food of the Week)

Chinese banquet dining is serious business in the San Gabriel Valley, though you might never know, since most of these meals take place in private rooms, drawing from negotiated, unprinted menus. My in-laws are...
Chinese Food Los Angeles

E&J Yummy Kitchen Rice Noodle Rolls (Food of the Week)

Rice’s versatility is on full display at E&J Yummy Kitchen, a focused Hong Kong style restaurant with two-toned walls and an ocean mural that opened in a Monterey Park plaza in 2015. They feature...
Chinese Food Los Angeles

Huolala Pork Chop with Hot Peppers (Dose of Vitamin P)

When one chile falls, another rises. This sounds like a bad movie tagline, but it’s also the story of the San Gabriel Valley, where Sichuan cuisine has exploded in popularity in the past couple...
Pork Los Angeles

Elite Restaurant Crispy Pork Shank (Dose of Vitamin P)

At Elite Restaurant in Monterey Park, which is best known for high-end checklist dim sum, I recently enjoyed a Cantonese feast with current and future family members. We teamed up to plow through whole...