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Whether you’re attending a part or order a beer flight at Mumford Brewing, your choice for +1 remains important. At the Mumford-run brewery on a Little Tokyo side street, people pile into communal wood tables to play Jenga, Connect Four, and to drink 10 taps of house beer. During my recent visit, I ordered a House Flight ($7) that included Golf Clap, DTLA IPA, Black Coffee Mamba +1. I enjoyed my flight, but left most impressed with my +1, Unpresidential IPA.

According to brewmaster Peter Mumford, he was inspired by Northeast style IPAs and a certain Senator from Vermont. Mumford Brewing is deeply rooted on the West Coast, but they intentionally left this beer cloudy, which is atypical for L.A. According to Mumford, “The process and approach were planned with the intention of trying something new for us and expanding the minds of people who were not familiar with this take on an IPA.” The result was balanced and successful. He added, “We wanted the malt to be present, but just enough to provide a solid platform for the hops without being malty. We dialed back bittering hops and focused on the fruit characteristic of hops that are often masked in heavily bittered beers; characteristics that become more prominent by working them in later in the brewing process.”

Leading up to November’s election, America’s prospects are even hazier than this beer, but hopefully even Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton could appreciate Mumford’s efforts.

Address: 416 Boyd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013

Mumford Brewing Unpresidential IPA (Drink of the Week)


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