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Ramiro Arvizu and Jaime Martin del Campo are serving 24 special enchiladas, 12 at Mexicano and 12 different enchiladas at La Casita Mexicana throughout the month of July at each restaurant as part of their first annual Enchilada Festival, and diners are in for a treat.

According to the festival’s mission statement, “In Mexican cuisine, salsas are the Queens of the table. Hence, we can say that Enchiladas are the Knights. There are over 100 varieties of enchiladas in traditional Mexican cuisine. In the U.S. only a couple of them are known. Chefs Jaime and Ramiro believe that we all deserve to be introduced to the symphony of flavors that these unknown enchiladas envelop.” I was eager to learn more.

Leading up to the July 1 launch, I got a chance to join Jaime and Ramiro at Mexicano and try eight different enchiladas, all uniquely good: Suizas, Potosinas, chile en nogada, enfrijoladas, entomadas, Poblanas, chipotle with chicken, and Michoacanas.

Suizas were true standouts, with chicken enchiladas slathered with tomatillo cream sauce. This “Swiss” preparation first appeared in 1950 at a Sanborns café in Mexico City, named for its “copious use of dairy.” Enchiladas Poblanas were also especially enchanting, with roasted Poblano pepper strips, sweet corn, and Mexican cream. Basically, these were supercharged rajas. Even humble enfrijoladas, filled with cotija cheese and smothered in a bean-focused sauce, managed to shine.

Tickets are available on the Enchilada Festival website that bundle 3 for $14.95, 5 for $24.95, or 7 for $34.95, along with particular times. Mark your calendars.

Address: 3650 W Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90008

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