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Poseidon brings the thunder to Mariscos Jalisco with a fiery seafood tostada.

Sometimes, it’s hard to look beyond an establishment’s signature dish. Hell, Langer’s Deli has a sprawling menu, but how many people have made it past pastrami? Pink’s has a whole lot of hot dogs, but they also sell burgers. The Mariscos Jalisco truck is best known for their Taco Dorado, a signature item from Jalisco native Raul Ortega, and his deep fried wonder is certainly state of the art. Still, Ortega and a team that now includes General Manager Chuy Tovar, has created other seafood items for a growing fleet of food trucks, which first rolled out in Boyle Heights to start the 21st Century, and now extends to the DTLA Fashion District, and soon enough, to the Westside. My favorite non-dorado dish, ThE POseidon ($7.50), pays homage to the God of the Sea, who clocked a lot of time on Mount Olympus, and to a clever crew member, Aldo “El Tepo” Torres, who helped create the super charged tostada.

El Tepo hails from the same Mexican hometown as Ortega, San Juan de los Lagos. For the delicacy he developed, Mariscos Jalisco tops a crispy corn tortilla with a base of tangy shrimp ceviche, plump shrimp aguachile, red onion and cooling cucumbers that have bathed in mild tomato based marinade. Next come slices of creamy, fresh-shucked avocado, tender cooked octopus, and an incendiary salsa crafted from fresh and dried chiles. The combination is probably good enough to get Poseidon to stake someone with his trident. Thankfully, he’s mythical, and Mariscos Jalisco has plenty of seafood for everybody.


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