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Charcuterie Los Angeles

Decoding the L.A. Restaurant Scene: 20 Years Past and Future

I recently spoke to the Culinary Historians of Southern California at the LAPL Central Library. My talk, titled “Decoding the L.A. Restaurant Scene: 20 Years Past and Future” assessed the past two decades and...
Mexican Food Los Angeles

Mariscos Jalisco The Poseidon (Food of the Week)

Sometimes, it’s hard to look beyond an establishment’s signature dish. Hell, Langer’s Deli has a sprawling menu, but how many people have made it past pastrami? Pink’s has a whole lot of hot dogs,...
Taco Los Angeles

Great Los Angeles Foods for $2 or Less

No matter how you define value, whether it’s a $50 rib-eye or $10 lunch, it’s hard to argue with great Los Angeles foods for $2 or less. No, this isn’t 1985, but yes, it’s...