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Mexican Food Los Angeles

Mariscos El Bigotón Pastelaso (Food of the Week)

El bigotón is a man with a big mustache, and Edgar Sanchez’s grandfather fits the description. A logo depicting an anchor with a thick mustache and nautical knot honors his nickname at Mariscos El...
Sandwich Los Angeles

Lost At Sea Albacore Tuna Melt (Food of the Week) [CLOSED]

Lost At Sea made me forget what I know about the tuna melt, a typically humble teaming of canned tuna, bright yellow cheese, and bagged bread. The seafood restaurant from chef Tim Carey and...
Korean Food Los Angeles

Master Ha Marinated Crab Head Combo (Food of the Week)

Koreatown continues to reveal additional culinary facets like some kind of Russian nesting doll. Chef Jason Ha has actually been cooking in the neighborhood for years, but is only now grabbing the spotlight. He...
Seafood Los Angeles

The Jolly Oyster Market Seafood (Food of the Week)

Roving Californian Mark Reynolds and Baja-based business partner Mark Venus built on the success of Ventura’s Shuck Shack by expanding The Jolly Oyster to Torrance. You won’t find prepared food, or even seats, at...
Seafood Madrid

La Castela Chipirones Encebolladas (Food of the Week)

“Oh, baby!” The high energy-server wearing glasses with diamond-shaped lenses shouts this every time he delivers a plate at La Castela, a raucous tapas bar with serious food located due east of Madrid’s Parque...
Michelada Los Angeles

Mariscos El Cristalazo Chabela (Drink of the Week)

I’ve had many run-ins with the michelada, Mexico’s most popular beer cocktail, but nothing could have prepared me for the chabela from Mariscos El Cristalazo, a catering company run by Cristal Vargas in the...