Los Angeles Restaurants Where Visiting Chefs Eat

Chef Toronto

Susur Lee and his son prepared goat cheese tarts at LA Food & Wine.

Plenty of publications, websites and apps have taken an interest in where chefs eat when they’re off duty, but another interesting aspect of the community is where out-of-town chefs eat when they visit a city. During and after the LA Food & Wine Asian Night Market tasting event, several chefs shared their Los Angeles eating choices.

Floyd Cardoz

Hatfield’s, Animal, and Soowon Galbi. His rep said, “At Hatfield’s he had a great branzino dish. At Soowon Galbi he had seafood pancakes, dduk boki, spicy jap chae, beef, an octopus hot pot, grilled mackerel, and a spicy pork belly tofu stew, among other things. Everything was delicious.”

Sam Choy

Choy ate at WP24 and CUT, and spent the rest of his time in L.A. dining at friends’ homes. He said, “That’s what I like to do. Being in the industry we eat out at restaurants all the time, supporting our friends and fellow chefs. It’s nice to be able to catch up while cooking with those you know and care about and just relax.”

Edward Lee (610 Magnolia)

Baco Mercat, A-Frame, Father’s Office, Son of a Gun, Animal, Ray’s & Stark Bar, ink.

Susur Lee

Nobu, The Bazaar, ink., Street

Ming Tsai

Din Tai Fung “the best chain in the world”…[and he had plans to] visit Ricardo [Zarate].

Roy Yamaguchi

Melisse, Rivera.


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