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Ming Tsai

Food Festival Hawaii

Hawaii Food & Wine Festival: 2013 Highlights

Food fiends flocked to the Hawaii Convention Center rooftop. Hawaii Food & Wine Festival co-founder Alan Wong said that they designed the “Taste Our Love For the Land” event to place a “spotlight on...
Chef Portland

Top U.S. Chefs Name Favorite California Eating Cities

At the Hawaii Food & Wine Festival, L.A. Loves Alex’s Lemonade and at events in L.A., I asked 16 of the top chefs from around the U.S., “What is your favorite California eating city...
Food Event Hawaii

Hawaii Food & Wine Festival Seminars: Building a Sense of Plate and Place, Get Wild and Raw + Battle of the Food Geeks

A number of culinary events are content with having attendees stuff their faces with food and drink, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but Hawaii Food & Wine Festival does a good job of...
Chef San Francisco

Favorite Aspects of Being a Chef

I recently spoke with eight talented chefs at Hawaii Food & Wine Festival and asked each person, What’s your favorite part of being a chef? Here are their responses: David Burke I’d have to...
Chef Toronto

Los Angeles Restaurants Where Visiting Chefs Eat

Plenty of publications, websites and apps have taken an interest in where chefs eat when they’re off duty, but another interesting aspect of the community is where out-of-town chefs eat when they visit a...
Chef Boston

Interview: chef Ming Tsai (Blue Ginger + Blue Dragon)

Noted chef, TV personality and cookbook author Ming Tsai started simply enough, working at his family’s restaurant in Dayton, Ohio, called Mandarin Kitchen. From there, he racked up accolades and degrees, including a B.S....