Le Soleil Dungeness Crab

Crab San Francisco

Whole roasted Dungeness crab stars atop garlic noodles at Le Soleil.

Le Soleil, a French-influenced Vietnamese restaurant from chef Dennis Wong, sits unassuming in San Francisco’s Inner Richmond. Neighboring spots on Clement Street may draw bigger crowds, but no other dishes within walking distance can match the flavor and grandeur of Le Soleil’s Garlic Roasted Dungeness Crab.

The Crab, which Le Soleil charges only $32 for a whole beast, and $22 for half a crab, arrives dismembered on a mountain of egg noodles, which Chef Wong pan-fries with garlic, browned butter, scallions, and delicious scrapings from the crab’s shell, including greenish-yellow innards, white fat and some fun ocean-tinged parts. The claws are cracked, which allows for easy access to the sweet tufts of crab meat. If this dish were a Christmas tree, the crab’s ornamental orange shell would no doubt be the star, serving as a beacon to briny angels.


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