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There’s a thin line between bossam and wang bossam. $5, to be exact. Upgrading to wang is an easy decision at Kobawoo House in Los Angeles. Steve Kim named his Koreatown strip mall restaurant for Kim Sung-hwan’s “Old Man Kobawoo,” a political cartoon that was popular in Korea and Japan for decades, but his comfort food is no laughing matter.

Wang Bossam ($36.99) features meaty slices of boiled pork belly, which come with napa cabbage for wrapping, fat strips of funky kimchi, pink discs of sweet marinated radish, chile-soaked radish strips sprinkled with sesame seeds, and pungent shrimp paste. By upgrading to Wang Bossam, you’ll also receive firm slices of glazed pork trotter, aka jokbal. The platter even comes with a dish of flaky steamed skate drenched in savory chile sauce that requires careful chewing given the high cartilage ratio, but this seafood is definitely worth the trouble.

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Address: 698 Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90005

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