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Beef belly, baby octopus and marinated spicy beef had their charms, but couldn't match Jjukku Jjukku's pork jowl.

Koreatown BBQ, the tabletop cooking method that dominates Koreatown, often revolves around beef, but that doesn’t need to be the case. JJukku JJukku BBQ shares Brown Derby Plaza with popular neighbors Boiling Crab and Honeymee. This “premium all you can eat” emporium features three cartoon animals on their sign: cow, pig, and octopus. The interior houses wood and stone walls and tables with grills that support many different grates, depending on the meat, and hoods that drop down like periscopes.

JJukku JJukku BBQ provides three different tiers to customers. A (Classic) costs $19.99 per person and includes 12 options. B (Deluxe) costs $24.99 per person and includes a whopping 36 options. C (Premium) grants you access to special items like Prime boneless short rib, Prime rib eye, and beef tartare, though B provides plenty of variety.

I opted for B and tried eight different proteins at Jjukku Jjukku BBQ. I enjoyed their beef belly, baby octopus and marinated spicy beef, but none of those meats could compete with pork jowl. The firm, well-marbled slices appear pale, but sear beautifully on the grill and pack plenty of savory flavor.

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