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French Food Las Vegas


Back in the Krug Room, Champagne began to flow from site-specific bottles.

French Food Las Vegas
The slider is certainly among the most played out dishes on the planet, and filet mignon rarely inspires me, but Guy Savoy’s filet mignon slider amazed me. The bite-sized patty was was surprisingly juicy, flecked with shallots and herbs and speared inside a brioche-like Parmesan roll. If Guy Savoy super-sized the burger, it could no doubt compete with any slider on the globe.

Oysters Las Vegas
Kusshi Oyster from British Columbia were unnecessarily complex, yet still proved satisfying. It was a strange dichotomy. The small oysters helped to reinforce that not all oysters are briny. They appeared on the half-shell with gelee made from oyster likker, and a bed of heavy cream infused with the essence of a second oyster.

French Food Las Vegas
Sweet lobster meat and lobster foam appeared with avocado and lemon confit. This relatively simple dish couldn’t compete with some of the more dazzling offerings.

Jamon Iberico Las Vegas
Bellota ham came from acorn-fed, black footed Spanish hogs. Apparently each pig gets an acre to roam. The ruby hue is just one factor that distinguishes the Bellota from other hams, along with the stratified marbling and concentrated flavor.

French Food Las Vegas
Believe it or not, Las Vegas can get cool at night, and our next dish was pretty much ideal for a colder night. It wasn’t quite a soup, but the cup held another layered expression of a single flavor, just like the oyster. In this case, a sauce made from chestnut milk complemented a chestnut gelee that resided at the base of the glass and roasted chestnut. Thin shaved celery appeared on the side of the plate and provided textural contrast.

French Food Las Vegas
Their signature artichoke soup utilizes shaved black truffle and aged Parmesan and in a surprise twist, turned out to be water based. As Alpe said, “There is no broth, no wine and no cream added.” However, there is butter. Derek Lee from The Best Food Blog Ever, said, “I could have a Big Gulp of this.” Agreed. However, the best part was probably the toasted wedge of black truffle brioche, spread with truffle butter, which could easily be the best bread bite in Vegas.

French Food Las Vegas
Mignardises included bites of pear clafoutis with crispy almond based cake, raspberry and passion fruit marshmallows, feuillentine, dark chocolate bonbons with sea salt and macadamia nut tarts.

French Food Las Vegas
Guy Savoy staff punctuated our parade of small plates with rich slabs of chocolate fondant, each involving layers of hazelnut wafer, a single hazelnut and a chocolate “sail.”

Note: This meal was part of a media trip sponsored by Caesars Entertainment Inc. for food bloggers from across the country. Everything was on the house.

Guy Savoy (Krug Room): Popping Bottles + Bites in Vegas


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We went there in October, I am still dreaming of the white truffle risotto. Best thing I ever, ever ate.

Nice, I’ve never had white truffle risotto before, but I imagine it’s pretty spectacular at a place like Guy Savoy.

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