Viviane Fried Egg & Porchetta Ham Hoagie [CLOSED]

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Viviane Restaurant, the stylish restaurant in Avalon Beverly Hills from Bombet Hospitality Group and chef Michael Hung, has quickly become a fashionable hub for booze-soaked brunch by the pool. Even though Kelly Wearstler designed the geometric space and generally attracts a glamorous crowd, Viviane still serves substantial comfort food.

During brunch, I learned that Chef Hung grew up near me in New Jersey and we even graduated from high school the same year. Our childhoods dictate that we have an appreciation for Jersey-style hoagies. However, I’ve never experienced anything like the Fried Egg & Porchetta Ham Hoagie he created for Viviane’s New Year’s Day hangover brunch.

Ham, egg and cheese are pretty much the holy trinity at breakfast in New Jersey, especially when served on a hoagie (or Kaiser) roll. At Viviane, Chef Hung substitutes ham for thin-sliced porchetta, which involves belly-wrapped loin that’s brined and slow-roasted. Jack cheese, house-made hot sauce and two vivid fried eggs co-star on substantial slabs of puff pastry.

Hopefully this deluxe breakfast sandwich makes the regular brunch menu at Viviane, and doesn’t become yet another one-off highlight splayed on the holiday menu scrap heap.

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Address: 9400 W Olympic Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

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