Gindaco Iced Matcha au Lait

Matcha Los Angeles

Gindaco's matcha might contain milk and sugar, but still packs potent caffeine punch.

Gindaco is a takoyaki specialist that began in Gunma, Japan, in 1997. Their griddled octopus balls have proven to be quite popular in Japan, fueling expansion. The company now has nearly 500 locations in five countries, including China, Taiwan, and Thailand. In L.A., Gindaco situated their first outlet in the Japanese-American hotbed of Gardena, inside Tokyo Central‘s recently renovated food court. Gindaco’s beverage program is lean, but effective. I suggest pairing their standout takoyaki with slightly sweetened iced matcha au lait ($2.50) that contains just enough milk to balance any gritty bitterness in the green tea powder. The overall effect provides cooling contrast with a concentrated green tea jolt.


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