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Matcha Los Angeles

Gindaco Iced Matcha au Lait

Gindaco is a takoyaki specialist that began in Gunma, Japan, in 1997. Their griddled octopus balls have proven to be quite popular in Japan, fueling expansion. The company now has nearly 500 locations in...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

State of the Brew from Gardena

11 breweries comprised the L.A. Beer Week’s fourth annual panel, “So You Want to Open a Brewery in L.A,” including Palmdale, Glendale and all points in between. Today, I catch up with one of...
Dumplings Los Angeles

Nikuman-Ya Gyoza

“The best in Southern California.” That’s quite a claim from LA Times deputy Food editor Betty Hallock. She was talking about Nikuman-Ya, Kenichi Usui’s stall in Gardena’s Marukai Market, which serves weekend-only gyoza. I...
Coffee Los Angeles

Caffe Luxxe Grows Il Laboratorio in Gardena

Caffe Luxxe, the European-style specialty coffee company from Gary Chau and Mark Wain, debuted in 2006. The business partners remained committed to brewing white label beans from Seattle’s Espresso Vivace, and to displaying consistent...
Restaurant Mural Charleston

Week in Pictures: Butcher & Bee, Cajun Grocer + Cappuccino

Every week involves a steady stream of food, drinks and people. Of course not every taste or conversation is post-able, but the range of experiences is usually pretty amazing. Lucky me. Discover highlights from...
Japanese Restaurant Los Angeles

Otafuku: Find this Classic Izakaya, Hidden in Plain Sight

Otafuku owner Seiji Akutsu doesn’t exactly do a great job at promoting his izakaya. The front window is screened over, the front door is locked and you have to squint to see the name...