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Matcha Los Angeles

Gindaco Iced Matcha au Lait (Drink of the Week)

Gindaco is a takoyaki specialist that started in Gunma, Japan, in 1997. Their griddled octopus balls have proven to be quite popular in Japan, fueling expansion. The company now has nearly 500 locations in...
Tea Los Angeles

Percolate Matcha Royale (Drink of the Week)

Boba tea bars have proliferated beyond Asian enclaves like the San Gabriel Valley and Little Saigon, for the betterment of SoCal’s food scene. Near Sawtelle Boulevard’s Japantown in West LA’s Georgetown Plaza, Jeremy Godsil...
Ice Cream Los Angeles

Chaumont Street Matcha Frossant (Food of the Week)

We’re living in the age of the Instagram-friendly mash-up, many of which don’t feel fit to eat. Thankfully, some of these Franken-foods aren’t just camera friendly; they actually taste great. For instance, take Frederic...
Matcha Los Angeles

SHUHARI Yuzu Matcha Sparkler (Drink of the Week)

Matcha, the powdered green tea that’s popular to drink (or used as an ingredient) in Japan, is starting to have its moment in the United States. SHUHARI Matcha Cafe is a modern matcha bar...
Tea Orange County

Zero Degrees Matchata (Drink of the Week)

Zero Degrees is part of a new wave of Asian-inspired dessert shop that’s cropping up in Little Saigon, with bold flavors and savvy branding that draws teenagers in droves. The original Zero Degrees resides...
Tea Berkeley

Asha Tea House Matcha Latte (Drink of the Week)

UC Berkeley students are lucky to have Intelligentsia Coffee. Asha means “someone that enjoys life” in Taiwanese, and I can see how the company’s contributing to that feeling. On Asha’s website, the Laus express...